Take The Stress Out of Your Short Term Move with A Home Rental Package

So you’re thinking of moving to a new city, and probably getting excited about the move. Whatever is bringing you to a new place, whether its work, family, school, or just an interest in checking out another city, country, or culture, you’ll find that moving has a pretty universal set of stressors regardless of the reason for the move.

Of course, you need to find a place to live, which can be a whole process. If you’re only planning on moving for a shorter time, finding a place can still be difficult, especially when you don’t know the area you’re headed to. Even if you do, you’ll have to pack up all your things, give them to movers, and ship them off to wherever you’re going.

Packing And Unpacking Your Whole Life Is Stressful

Once the boxes arrive, you’ll have to open them up, throw out the things the movers broke, and re-arrange your furniture the way you like. The only good thing about that whole process is the take-out Chinese food you can enjoy while sitting in your new place, surrounded by a small mountain

range of cardboard. Can you imagine how difficult this whole process is for people who have to move every so often because of their career?

Don’t forget all of that other details of moving to a new place, like finding a new doctor, locating the various stores you’ll need on a weekly or daily basis, discovering new restaurants, and making new friends. Some of that can be energizing and fun, but some of it can be a huge drain.

If given a choice, wouldn’t you want to cut one huge stressor out of your move? That’s why considering a home rental package could be a smart move for your short-term move. Home rental packages are great for several reasons.

Renting Furniture Is Smarter Financially

When you rent, you’re not buying things that depreciate. As any good investor knows, buying assets puts money in your pocket, while liabilities do the opposite. Chances are your furniture is a liability, not an asset, especially if you’re moving somewhere for a short period. When it’s time to pack up, you’ll be stuck with a whole home or apartment of furniture to get rid of, and you won’t be making money on flipping these items to the next user because furniture tends to get beat up pretty easily. Check out amazing prices on rental items at Click On Rentals.

How many of us have had to replace a couch, table, bed, mattress, or desk because it got worn down from daily use? By renting furniture, you won’t spend thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars on furniture that you’re just going to have to throw out or unload for pennies on the dollar once you move again, because trust me, no one is going to pay what you paid for that bedroom set.

Renting Furniture Takes Stress Out Of Your Move

Renting your furnishings can take so much stress out of your move. Instead of spending hours shopping for the things you need, you can spend that time relaxing, exploring your new city, and making new friends.

The rental company will deliver the furniture to your door, and in many cases, set it up the way you like, so instead of eating Chinese food in a takeout carton, you can head out to explore some new restaurants. Trust me, when you buy furniture at the store, you always end up going back to exchange something or pick up something you forgot. Save yourself time and hassle by treating yourself to rented furniture.

Renting Furniture Is A Classy Design Move

Let’s face it: the majority of us are not interior decorators. But many home rental centres have in-house designers or can recommend matching products and accessories to make your apartment or home look quite spiffy. If you hired your interior decorator, that would cost you a pretty penny, and it you do it yourself, you might find your furnishings to be a hodgepodge of styles and colours that clash.

Even if you like to dabble in design, the rental centre can still be a good move. You can work with their team members and catalogue to order the parts you need to create the awesome living space you envision. 

Appliance Maintenance Is Much Easier With Rentals

If you need to get appliances for your new pad (like a washer/dryer, dishwasher, television, etc.) renting them is a smart move. Appliances are extremely difficult to resell, or even to give away. More people would be interested in scooping up your couch than your washing machine, especially with the hassle of having to set it up themselves.

With rental appliances, you can just trade the thing in when you’re done, and since it’s the property of the company you’re renting from, the maintenance doesn’t have to be a concern of yours. If it breaks, they can send out a tech to work on it and salvage it so they won’t take a loss. On the other hand, if you have your appliances, any unfortunate events that damage them are going to hit your pockets hard.

Trade Up

When you buy furniture, you’re usually stuck with it for awhile because of the cost. But with rentals, you can trade them in at the end of your leasing period for a new look, or better quality. Especially when it comes to your appliances, renting gives you the liberty to move up to the next model flat screen (as an example) when you’d like. And if you suddenly decide you no longer like that cutting edge modern look, and want to go for something a little more…classical…you can just swap your furniture out. Granted, there may be a leasing period to consider, but you will still eventually have the option to trade up or out.


If you’re moving to a new city, renting your home furnishings is the way to go, especially if your move is a temporary one for work, school, or exploration. Take the stress out of your move and do it the easy way!

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